Our staff is fully insured. We do not employ just anyone – we only employ people who we know personally or are recommended by people who already work for us and we do reference check before giving them job.   We vet them through our vetting agency called Data Atlantic.

Our company is fully insured with Intasure for all liability for £5 million.

Yes they are legal to work in UK.

Yes they are. We make sure that we their good references before giving them jobs.

Our contract is initially for a three-month term. Thereafter the contract is for a one-month period on a rolling basis.

We are always here for you in any situation! If you think that the cleaner is not working upto your expectation then you need to contact us by phone or email giving full detail what was it that you are not happy about. We welcome all complaints, suggestions and criticisms. We will take every step necessary to put things right.

Once we have agreed which day and time you would like the cleaner to attend you will receive the same cleaner each week.   We believe that only in this way you will get the best service! If for any reason the assigned cleaner is not able to come on the assigned day we will ask you if you wanted to change the day for just that week ? If you are not able to change the day only then would you have a cover cleaner just for that period.

It is general cleaning so the cleaner would do dusting, polishing, vaccuming, moping, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen. The cleaner can also do your ironing or clean windows at your request. You can assign which jobs need to be done on weekly basis which jobs need to be rotational basis.   This way you will be able to tailor the service to your needs.

How often you need your oven cleaned depends on what you cook and how often you use it. Regular use of the oven for traditionally prepared meals can require a quarterly deep clean, to avoid the build up of fat, grease and carbon deposits that could pose a potential fire hazard. For customers who rarely use their oven, or use it primarily for ready meals, we would recommend once in six to eight months ‘spring clean’ to revive the working components of your oven.

Yes, we require 2 hours minimum per domestic cleaning visit and minimum of 6 hours per week for commercial cleaning service.

We can accommodate all price plans. We can tailor your services to have the certain areas cleaned one week and other next week and so on. Alternatively you could have the high traffic areas such as kitchen, common living room etc to be cleaned every week. You have a choice how you want your house cleaned.

No, you do not have to pay when you are away. We need just 48 hours notice before you go and the date of your first cleaning when you are back.

Yes, of course.  We offer hotel like cleaning service, where not only the room is cleaned to a very high standard like hotels, but we also make beds, change linen and offer laundry service also.   We can create a perfect room for your airbnb guests at a very minimum price